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Pregnancy Risk Network provides up-to-date evidence-based information about exposures in pregnancy. For some exposures, sometimes there isn’t enough information available. Pregnancy Risk Network collaborates on research activities with MotherToBaby in an effort to increase available information about exposures in pregnancy.

Right now, MotherToBaby is studying medications used to treat:

Pregnant women who share their pregnancy experience with a MotherToBaby Study are not asked to do anything differently during their pregnancies. Interviews are conducted on the phone and it is completely voluntary. If you are pregnant and would like to learn how your experiences can benefit others, please call us 1-800-724-2454.

MotherToBaby Studies increase the body of information available worldwide to pregnant women and health care professionals.

Most of the MotherToBaby research studies focus on women who are currently pregnant or who are planning a pregnancy. However, if you were previously pregnant and exposed to one of the medications being studied, you may be eligible to enroll in one of the pregnancy registries. Complete this questionnaire to find out which studies you may be eligible for.

For providers: Healthcare Provider's Referral Form.

View/download our MothertoBaby Study brochures:

MotherToBaby Studies-Patient

MotherToBaby Studies-Physician

MotherToBaby Studies-Spanish

For information from the CDC on Pregnant women and the flu:

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